How To Improve Accessability In Your Business

Improve Accessability In Your Business
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To improve accessibility in your business is to meet the access needs of those who are less physically able. There are many things you can do to ensure you include everyone and avoid turning particular communities away because your business simply isn’t built for them. This article will discuss a few of the ways you can improve accessibility in your business, the importance of platform lifts, and the various access needs you may need to consider when choosing a building from which to base your business.

Widen Doorways

This is an accommodation that some may not have considered. Small doorways can be difficult for those in wheelchairs to pass through. So, the doorway must be wide enough to allow ingress. This kind of alteration is known as a reasonable adjustment. These alterations are generally quite minor but can reduce the impact of a physical barrier and remove the disadvantage of the lesser-abled employees and guests in your business.

One method you could use to widen your doorways is to purchase a Korniche Bifold Door. These doors have multiple sash options that can allow you to space-efficiently widen your doorway, without the doors themselves getting in the way of your working space.

Replace steps with ramps

It isn’t difficult for people with fully-functioning legs to walk up a ramp, but it can be exceedingly difficult for those in wheelchairs to walk up steps. For this reason, replacing some of your steps with a ramp can make an invaluable difference to those visiting your establishment.

Relocate switches and door handles

Again, it may not be difficult for a person standing upright to reach certain handles and switches, but it can become difficult for those who are always seated. If your light switch is on a drawstring, it is easy to lower it a little more, so those who stand can still use the switch, and those who are seated can comfortably reach it.

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Use visual fire alarms

Most standard fire alarm systems are purely audible, and there are rarely fire alarms that use a blend of audio and visuals to alert those who have difficulty hearing that there is a fire. Having a designated red light in view that flashes when the fire alarm is triggered can alert the deaf to fires.

Install a platform lift

Platform lifts are a great way to approve accessibility and meet the access needs of those in wheelchairs, or even just people who struggle to use the stairs. Platform lifts can be specially designed to fit inside any building and are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Most platform lifts have a maximum capacity of 1000kg to ensure to hold the weight of the user and their wheelchair.

Platform lifts can include many optional features, including key control, automatic doors, fire-rated doors, and a telephone or autodialler. There are many kinds of platform lifts, including step lifts, cabin lifts, and wheelchair lifts. Which all complete the same basic process, but are adapted to various uses.

For example, step lifts are a type of platform lift that is placed directly opposite the stairs and are often not encased, but open. Cabin lifts on the other hand are encased and remain a highly-effective solution for overcoming accessibility issues on your premises. Finally, wheelchair lifts are specially designed with ramps on either side of the platform, to allow for easy access.

If you’re interested in a platform lift for your business, Invalifts is a great choice.

Install bathroom accessibility features

The most common features of bathroom accessibility measures are grab rails, low mirrors, sinks, soap, tap bins, extra space, and an emergency alarm cord. These things are all essential to improve accessibility in the bathroom and should be employed to ensure your business is as considerate to the access needs of others as possible.

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The Disability Discrimination Act 1995

According to this act, as an employer, you have to make reasonable adjustments to improve the accessibility of your building and avoid indirect discrimination. This act applies to all employers and should encourage you to consider the scale of the adjustments you need to make and start making them.


There are many things you can do to improve accessibility in your business, so you should get started today if you feel as though your current accommodations are inadequate.

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