Chainsaw: An Integral Part Of Your Industrial Machinery!

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Chainsaws are one important part of the manufacturing machinery and often industries want to purchase them. However, buying chainsaw kits is a bit tricky for many authoritative figures in industrial setups. This blog is to help those who do not understand how to select the right type of chainsaw kit for their industry. Different industries can have different types of facilities and needs and that is why they need different types of chainsaw.Understanding all the major types of chainsaw can help you understand what the most suitable type is for your specific needs.

We are going to discuss only the most used types of chainsaw here. Chainsaws are differentiated by the powering element. Different chainsaw systems have different power systems. Some are based on battery system, some need gasoline fuel, and so on. Here is the detailed of overview of all major types of chainsaw.

Battery Powered Chainsaw

Chainsaws that require battery to function are called battery powered chainsaw. The batteries that are used in this type of chainsaws are rechargeable. These chainsaws that are powered by batteries are also called ‘cordless chainsaws’.They are advantageous if you want to use chainsaws freely because they do not have any cords. However, the need to be charged and that can make performing many tasks in one go difficult. You need to think if you can use this conveniently with its limitations and advantages, and then decide whether you should go for this type or not.

Electric Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws and the type of chainsaws that are corded and they need electricity to run. This type of chainsaws are small in size because they have no fuel engine or batteries attached to it as it is powered directly through cords.They can be used for long durations without any interruption. However, you constantly need to keep it connected to the power in order to use it, which could be a hassle for some industries.

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Pole Saw

This is a type of chainsaw are specifically designed for cutting tree limbs and woods. They have a long pole like structure with a saw attach to it at the end of the pole.

Chainsaw with Gas Based Fuel System
Chainsaws that are powered by gas are called gas-powered chainsaws. They are a good option for both, those who use chainsaws frequently for different heavy tasks and those who do not use this machine so very often. This type of chainsaws are designed to have 2-stroke engine that runs the whole machinery. They are available in the markets that sell industrial machinery and many machinery manufacturing produce them with different quality range. Farmertec ms660 is one of the very reputable manufacturers of gas-based chainsaws.

Manual Chainsaw

Manual chainsaws require manpower to run and they are preferred for wood cutting tasks usually. The benefit of using this type of chainsaw is that it does not require any type of fuel or electricity. It can be ran manually and they make less noise as well. However, using them can be really difficult and exhausting for heavy tasks as they need a lot of effort and strength to be ran.

These are some of the major types of chainsaw and you can select any of them for your industrial use according to your preferences. Industries and individuals who want to use chainsaws for bigger task should consider buying gas or electric chainsaws as they function better. you can also order different spare parts for these machines from the manufacturing companies if you need to replace any of the parts to enhance the performance.

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