Strength of a Man and a Commitment for Life

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Have you ever thought wearing a ring that is always shining bright and look new with its glittery polished appearance and, a way less expensive!

You are just a click away to discover the wonderful look and endurance of the tungsten rings and wedding bands. With the high end exceptional procedure the tungsten and carbide grounds are blended together at a temperature as high as 2800F that results in ring formation that are practically everlasting and scratch resistant

Polished with diamond tips, the resultant shine and polish lasts longer. The tungsten rings depict the perfect combination of amazing strength with elegance and comfort

Tungsten blended with carbide becomes one of its kind rare and extraordinary metal that remains polished forever. The shine lasts as longer as your commitment to life and this trait drives the tungsten carbide buyers greater profits and better business opportunities throughout the global market

Even with the most expensive, gold, titanium and platinum rings you might observe multiple points of scratches, denting and surface stains. Notably with the tungsten carbide rings the superficial will carry its original beauty and shine that lasts.

A number of consumers seek pleasure in the heavy weight of the tungsten rings. The lasting shine of a tungsten ring side by side its manly weight, the commitment to quality, sense of security and longer bonds speaks off

How tungsten carbide rings with quality help you earn consumer loyalty

since the tungsten rings are the most wearable pieces available throughout the international market, these pieces of ornaments are ten folds stronger than an 18k gold and five folds durable than the tool making steel, while for the strength of titanium the tungsten is quadrupled

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The hardest of all is diamonds as per the measurements made on the Mohs scale of hardness, and tungsten falls somewhere between 8 and 9. With their extreme stability the rings hold their beautiful shape and glitters as longer than any ring available throughout the global market. Often referred to as permanently polished rings they guarantee event not the slightest of bend. The cobalt free rings are often hand crafted with the diamond tooled polish

From the tungsten scraps to perfectly shaped rings

The tungsten scraps or the pieces are ground with carbon and other elements into a fine powder that is flattened with high pressure dies to create a ring shape

The shaped ring is them combusted in an oxygen free vessel at a temperature of 6200 F. the sintering process forms the firmest metals used for making ornaments.

The rings are cut and formed with diamond tipped tools that on an average required 30 consecutive steps to complete. The cutting and shaping follows some akin steps in many ways to the polish and shape of a raw diamond

Gold, silver or platinum enameled rings

The enameled with gold, silver tungsten rings are formed by crushing a small channel right in the middle of the ring and specifically brawling into the waterway under greater pressure

The diamond polish tools are ingeniously used to create the permanent luster that cannot be achieved with any other metal.

These are the unique metals that exemplifies the strength of a man in the present times that any other metal cannot

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Behold before you make a purchase!

A number of suppliers offer tungsten rings that doesn’t include carbide and call them the tungsten carbide so you need to be attentive since the tungsten rings are the steel, hardest but doesn’t guarantee scratch proof trait. The tungsten carbide can be scratched only if touched by diamond or any item with corundum.

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