The Best Cell Phone Plans For International Students

International Students
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Many different mobile service carriers offer excellent service and good data amounts, and even some offer a new phone with activation. Others may provide you with free services with your new phone or just the services if you buy the phone through them. They may sound great to you if you are unsure about what you need as a student, but there are some serious differences between the ones that sound good and will work for you compared to some that may sound great but do not offer you the services that you require.

If you think about it, as a student studying abroad, one of the most important things to be able to do is call home. That does not even necessarily mean family members, but it is nice to reach out to the great friends that you made throughout your school years that you had to leave behind when you traveled to a new country to continue your education.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the top mobile data services that can provide you with all the services you need, along with giving you a way to connect with the people back home.

Optus Cell Phone Service

Optus offers a set discount for all students, which will help you save some money. The mobile discount lasts 12 months, so you will have a full year of discounted services. The problem with that is that if you plan to be in the area for a couple of years, the discount will go away, but that can be dealt with when it happens.

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You never know when a company will run promotions for customers, new and old. Plus, in 12 months, when it comes time to renew the contract, you can always talk to an Optus representative and see what they can do to keep your business.

Vodaphone Cell Phone Service

At one time, Vodaphone was centered around making its mobile phone services cheap for students so they did not have to stress about reaching home when needed. Since they have grown into a much bigger company, the executives have decided to change that style of business and focus more on every customer they have, and the ones they are trying to get.

They now offer low-cost plans that anybody can take advantage of, not just students. That may not seem like a good deal, but you are paying a low amount for your service either way.

Boost Cell Phone Service

One of the fastest service providers in Australia is Telstra, which is the service that Boost Mobile piggybacks on. That means you get access to one of the best service networks, but when you go with Boost, you can get some promotional opportunities for students to get service at a discounted price.

Of course, this would have to be timed right because they do not run the promotions year-round, but even without the discount, the service you get with Boost will be hard to beat. They offer excellent service at an affordable price, so they should be the first provider you check into.

Amaysim Cell Phone Service

If you want to go through a smaller company, Amaysim is the one to consider. They give you generous data mobile plans with inclusions for international calling. You can get anything from a 7-day plan to a 1-year plan. It is up to you. Another advantage that they have over the larger companies is that they offer several student discounts, all of which have long-term plans at a lower price.

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The only downside of going through this company is that they have an average customer service rating, so if you need a lot of help with your service plan, you may want to move on to your next choice.

TPG Cell Phone Service

Another company that can offer you good cell phone service at a price that does not break the bank is TPG. They offer unlimited calls and texts within Australia, and you can add international calling for a couple of bucks more. They use a Sim-based system which they will provide to you for free, with no shipping charges attached to the plan.

They do not require a contract of any kind, and you can set it up so the website they have can bill and take your payment automatically. This helps you concentrate on your schooling without worrying about when to pay the phone bill.

Tangerine Cell Phone Service

Another cell phone service provider that offers Sim-based mobile phone service is Tangerine. They are not one of the big companies operating in Australia, but they are a reputable provider with many different plans. They run various promotions throughout the year, including free data.

Their services use Telstra networks, meaning you have more access than you would with other companies at a lower price than going through the main company. The company never requires a contract to be signed, and you can upgrade to a bigger plan whenever you need to without worrying about extra fees to switch.

Final Thoughts

The thing to keep in mind the most is that one of the best ways to figure out which service provider is the best will be to go online to a comparison site that will help you out. What they do is take some information from a quick phone call, and they will give you some options to choose from. Their partner sites may be some of the companies that have been discussed here, while others may not be on this list.

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That does not mean they will be lousy service providers, but rather that this short article did not have the room to list it. The bottom line is that you need to read through as many offers as possible and then pick the one that works the best for you. One that will not break the bank but has enough options to let you call home whenever you need to.

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