10 Business Tips to Build HR Department from Scratch

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Creating an HR department from scratch is no feat. It will take some work, time, and effort. There are different ways but it always depend on what industry that the HR belongs. HR department is responsible for using their knowledge and experience in deploying their company’s goals.

There is no easy way or straight pattern when building the HR department. However, there are some things that are meant to execute when starting from square one. Here are they:

Meet and talk to the boss

The CEO or owner of the company has expectations on this department. The manager is expecting that as HR, you will build the department excellently and in accordance to company’s goals. Talk to the boss and clarify the expectations and other outcomes. In this way, the HR department will be able to execute the business plan and move forward smoothly.

Determine the values of the company

As HR department, its first work is to know the core values of the company. The management should be clear about their expectations on the HR. The department should have divided into several groups so it will focus on various tasks. One group should focus on compliance, the other one on administrative, and group focusing on recruitment and other employees’ needs.

Create the company’s employee handbook

This is an important matter when starting to hire people. An employee handbook will have policies and strategies running the company. HR department will outline the handbook. This is vital document as part of HR policies and procedures. With the employee handbook, HR will have consistency in rules and regulation regarding hiring of people and compliance with all major laws.

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Familiarize various processes and systems

HR department is responsible for different tasks including hiring, crafting benefits, employment practices, payroll, staff evaluation, and more that involves people management. The department is also the one

Prioritize the people instead of processes

Most of the time, the HR department is putting most of its energy with people management processes like benefits and payroll. They are all equally important but HR also needs to give energy and attention to the people as well. These days, companies can hire HR services to do these functions so the in-house HR can focus on people development.

Create an HR network

Once you have the network, you can get help and second opinion regarding the creation and development of your HR department.

Build the HR team from scratch

Before putting up the HR department, build the leadership team first along with creating strategy for talent. In any company, HR is the heart and it starts the culture for the whole organization. Create a network with experienced hires and get people that are aligned with company’s goals.

Communicate properly with the management

Communication is the key with every kind of relationship. When issues have come, ensure that you’re prepared to address them properly and bring them to the attention of upper management. HR officer or manager should listen attentively and know what’s happening to the leadership conversation. Determine the topic of department managers. Inform the management first about the issues before going in and recommending solutions.

Management should familiarize themselves with HR best practices

HR officers should know all the best HR practices that are applicable with the company. These practices will help to get the job done on time.

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Give more time on learning and development

It is believed that a stronger HR department focuses on learning and development of its entire staff. a company should build a learning culture from the start. Show to the employees that the management and HR is aligned with the company’s needs, goals, and strengths. When you have built the learning culture in the beginning, both the HR and upper management can see the challenges and meet them with solutions such as workshop.


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