Why does the quality of mushroom growing farm equipment matter?

quality of mushroom growing
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There are many aspects of a mushroom growing farm’s operation that affects its overall profitability. One of the most important ones is certainly the equipment used on the farm. Namely, the equipment’s features, safety, ease of use, and more.

But why? How exactly can the quality of each piece of equipment make a difference when it comes to efficiency? We’ll explain it in detail below.

Mushroom picking trolleys

Modern, high-quality mushroom picking trolleys can make the employees’ lives significantly easier, as well as keep them safe and increase their picking efficiency. It’s possible thanks to a wide variety of technologically advanced features, such as the automated up and down (as well as left and right) movement.

The remote control is easy to operate and doesn’t require a lot of physical exertion, so the pickers don’t feel as tired as when using lower-quality, older trolleys that had cranks that needed to be manually turned in order for the platform of the trolley to move.

This, in tandem with easy picking from the top and bottom shelves and optimal battery capacity, ensures more mushrooms per square meter of harvest and, consequently, higher profits for the farm. Meanwhile, automated stoppage systems, doors that open inwards, chains, railings, non-slip working platforms and other solutions help prevent workplace accidents.

Lamps for mushroom-growing farms

Lamps placed in mushroom growing farms are continuously exposed to harsh conditions (the same can be said for other pieces of equipment for mushroom growing farms – that’s why durability is key for all of them), such as high humidity.

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Therefore, to ensure that the lamp will be of high enough quality to withstand such conditions, it’s important to check whether it meets the IP68 leakproofness condition. If it does, it’s likely that it won’t cause any issues.

Having to replace the lamps all the time is not only costly but also can interrupt work, leading to even more losses. As such, in the long run, a better, more durable lightning of mushrooms is the less costly choice.

Mushroom picking knives

At the first glance, mushroom picking knives may not seem important, but they are in fact a key part of the mushroom farm’s equipment. Lower-quality knives get dull quickly and have weak handles that can easily get damaged, leading to frustration and the need to replace them frequently.

High-quality knives are not much more expensive, but they are made of better, more durable materials, which allows for comfortable use for a long time.

Watering system for mushroom growing farm

The watering system is another important piece of mushroom farm equipment. As the name suggests, it ensures that the mushrooms are optimally watered, leading to the preferred growth.

A technologically advanced system can water the mushrooms either at set times or when manually activated through a simple “start watering” button on the touchscreen.

The quality of mushroom farm equipment can affect the efficiency of picking, employee safety and level of comfort, operating costs and more. That’s the reason why choosing a high-quality, modern mushroom picking trolley, lamps, knives, watering system and so on is so important. Equipment that meets those conditions can be purchased from renowned producers, such as GROWTIME.

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