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Understands Details about the Outlook Recruiting Software

Understands Details about the Outlook Recruiting Software
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Outlook Recruiting Software is a plugin from Microsoft Company that is known to make your recruitment easy. It is a plugin so you need to install it to your recruitment software for it to work. It simplifies your recruitment process and makes your hiring effective because of the excellent steps that it lays out on your hiring exercise. Being a Plug-in, you may be wondering what relevance it plays on your recruitment process and below are some of the functions of the Outlook Recruitment plugin from Microsoft.

Links Directly With Your Gmail Account

One of the tasks as a recruitment manager is to download curriculum Vitae sent by your applications and upload them to your database. With the outlook software, you don’t need to do that because it downloads all resumes sent to your email and uploads them to your database making it possible for you easily go through them. You save time because even if it is bulk applications, they are sorted within a very short time. You also don’t miss out some documents like it is the case during manual uploads. Everything is done automatically and manually so you will enjoy efficiency and accuracy.

It Arranges All Your Documents in Required Order

Since recruitment software uses artificial intelligence and the outlook is also made with the ability to follow programmed commands, it will be easy for you to sort your documents. As you save Resumes and other files like tutorials, teachings or other documents, the outlook will always look at your documents and arrange them perfectly. It will be easy for you to use keywords and retrieve specific documents. You can also assemble your documents in respect of time or arrival, number of years of experience of applicant among many other options so you save lots of times and eliminate plenty of errors.

Outlook Calendar for Your Business Activities

At times recruiters forget to do some tasks like missing appointments or forgetting to attend some board meetings. To avoid such inconsistencies, you can use the outlook calendar that allows you to remember by reminding you of all the events that you plan. To make sure you don’t compromise or forget your plans, the outlook can be of your virtual assistant to ensure you are an organized recruiter. It helps you to boost your candidate experience at all times so that applicants don’t remain hanging without a valid response.

Assist in Applicant Tracking Role tracking applicants remains one of the toughest roles to many recruiters. You need to know every candidate, skills, and number of years of experience for you to choose the most reliable ones. If you don’t do this, you end up missing the best candidates. Artificial intelligence combine with relevant organizational skills from Outlook plugin can make you enjoy excellent applicant tracking capabilities. All you need to do is to make sure you select your keywords and the outlook program will directly retrieve all your documents so that you get the applicants you are looking for.

Outlook Plugin Integration into Your Recruitment Software

Outlook is like a plugin, it does not come as a feature from the recruitment software but you need to download it and attach it as an extension or plugin to your recruiting software for you to enjoy excellent outcomes. You just need to visit Microsoft website and search for the feature, you will get it and once you do, download it. You will link it to your email and authorize it to upload or download documents from your email so that all applications you receive can be directly downloaded and uploaded to your database.

You Can Create a Job Post Using Outlook

Outlook recruiting software is designed specifically for the recruitment process so you need to make sure you use it to benefit your HR department and company in general. You can create a job post easily because it contains a section for job title, description, requirements and other sections where you can just fill your information and you will be ready to post it. The links to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms are also available on outlook so you can use them to expose your job to your target audience. Keep in mind you need to learn its features in and out for you to be able to utilize it perfectly.

Directs Your Applicant Prospects How to Apply

Once a potential candidate sees your job post and would like to apply, there is an automatic command that directs your applicants to use the necessary steps to apply. Applications received will be viewed instantly and you will be alerted so that you know the next appropriate step to take. Outlook recruiting software is the true assistant for all your recruitment needs and to make matters more excellent, it has some staff managerial benefits.


Outlook recruiting software is wonderful and reliable. You will not make mistakes because all processes are automated and optimized so you will just be following instead of formulating new recruitment strategies or principles. The software allows you to have complete autonomy of all your recruitment stages and you can enjoy excellent talents coming to your company because only qualified applicants will be presented to you. Even your interview process will be made efficient so that you ask what is relevant to make you hire only the best candidates in your company.

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