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myassignmenthelp reivews is one of the very popular assignment writing brands, that has been helping students with all that they need for the past decade.

While some educators in the world are trying their best to come together and help students with their assignment writing services, some scam brands are utilizing this opportunity to dupe students and make a business out of it. They not only waste students’ time but cheat them with their time and take away from them the last chance they have with submitting quality assignments and boosting their academic scores. Even if not fraudulent there are services that do not keep up to their promises.

Quite naturally the students have developed certain trust issues about these services. But for your information, not all services are the same. there are many such services that are genuine and try their best to help the students in every possible way with all types of assignments and academic guidance. is one of the very popular assignment writing brands, that has been helping students with all that they need for the past decade. On the other hand, another brand has also been the topic of discussion in the recent timeline. But whether or not is it for all good reasons, we will find out in this blog.

Here I bring to you a comparative analysis between and to let you know which is more reliable and worth investing time to read the Myassignmenthelp review

Team of Writers

 On the website of, clear details have been provided about the team of writers who are responsible for preparing the assignment. They have clearly mentioned a massive team of around 5000+ writers who work for them. On the ‘Expert’ page, they have mentioned that all the writers associated are highly qualified Ph.D. experts, and thus students need not worry about the quality. For more information read My Assignment Help Reviews also has a page dedicated to its team. But if you look carefully, you can see that they have very less information about the team of writers. They have a lot of information about the operational and management team. But a few writers’ profiles have been included there. To be honest, the students do not need the management profiles. Rather they need to see who is going to write their assignments. But unfortunately, nothing much was found about it on the official website.

Quality of Service has numerous samples written by their writers uploaded on their site. If you go and read them, you will understand how enriched the contents are. There are almost no or very less instances where students can complain about the quality. Also, if you see the reviews regarding the quality, 99% of students have confirmed that irrespective of everything, never compromises the quality of the assignment.

There have been mixed reactions about the quality of the assignments provided by A certain number of students have appreciated their efforts, but a huge number of students have stated their complaints regarding the quality. It was prominent that somewhere down the line, they compromised with the quality to meet the numbers.

Punctuality is an all-star when punctuality is in question. In more than a decade of service, there have been hardly 2 to 3 incidents where they could not deliver the assignments on time. Else they always finish the assignments before the deadline intending to give students some time for revision. Even the comments and reviews say that the agency is very particular about the deadline they are given.

 In the case of, students have truly and significantly complained regarding their irresponsible behavior about deadlines. There have been instances where students fail to submit their assignments on time, and students face severe consequences.


Without any doubt, the service charges at are less compared to any other such assignment-providing services. It actually starts from only $6.

The cost of expenses is high when compared to Also, students do not get quality service for the price that they pay. Even at times, they regret wasting their huge sum of money for them.

Scope of Communication –

When you are hiring a brand, it is of course important that you know whether you can access communication with the executives whenever you need something or you are in a moment of doubt. Thankfully, has a very smoothly functional communication system working 24*7 to help students in their hours of need. also claims that they have a high-end communication system, but students using the service have complained about the efficiency of the services at several instances. They have mentioned that at times it is difficult to get in touch with the executives. This has actually initiated quite some problematic situations for the students.


The brand is very clear about its privacy policies and has clear terms about them revealed on the official website. They are promising when they say that they won’t reveal the login information to any other third parties.

The brand does not have any clear statement on their privacy or any other kind of policies updated on the site. So, it is very difficult to decipher all of it at a go.


The brand is very transparent about its services and the prices that they charge for the same. They are not one of those who hide terms and conditions and then blow your mind with some out-of-the-blue prices or something similar. Not only this they are also very transparent about things like refund procedures. has no massive mess-ups with their pricing and refund terms and conditions. But the problem is that they do not have clear statements about the same on their website. This is why people find it difficult to trust.

Well, you are free to take a decision on which service you want to choose. But if you ask me, I would suggest you choose It is not that is a fraud or a scam but they are not as efficient as

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