Top 5 Survival Tips for New Expats

Top 5 Survival Tips for New Expats

An expatriate, or expat as it’s more commonly known, generally refers to someone who resides in a place that is not their home country. The term expat connotes two kinds: one that moves to a foreign country to pursue a job or education, and another that moves to a different country for love.

Whether you fall into the first or second category, life as a first-time expat can be challenging. It’s essential to think ahead, even considering factors such as expat life insurance. Even if you have no long-term plans of being an expat, you must prepare as much as you can.

We prepared this article with the five survival tips you will need to make your move abroad easier! Read on to find out our top five tips.

Research as much as you can.

This tip takes first place on our list because it will really go a long way. Taking the time to research and learn as much as possible about your new location will help you feel more comfortable with the move! Research where your accommodation is located and what activities and important facilities are nearby. Make sure that it’s situated near a store and hospital!

Try to find accommodation near the city if you’re a first-time expat. Big cities are usually more welcoming of foreigners, and you will find it easier to get around. Here’s a bonus tip: try to find a friend right away that can help you get around.

Try to learn the language.

You don’t need to be fluent in the official language of the country, but it will help you to know important phrases. It will take some time, and it might be the most frustrating part but it is crucial. 

A book or even an app will help get you started! However, we do recommend signing up for a language course. This will help you get formal training as well as certification that will improve your resume.

Homesickness is normal, but social media can help.

Fear of missing out is a real thing, and it is one of the most complex parts of being an expat. As you are miles away from home, utilising social media will help you feel less alone.

You can share your new adventures with loved ones while keeping updated with their current happenings. The internet is a great resource that will make you feel connected with your roots.

However, it’s vital not to get stuck in the past. You may spend your time yearning for home too much that you forget to enjoy the present.

Homesickness is normal, but social media can help.

The internet is your best friend.

We mean it when we say that the internet will be one of the handiest tools you can have as an expat. It is an excellent way for you to find out the best places to go or even translate something with just a tap.

We also recommend looking for past blogs or Youtube videos from expats as well. It will be a source of comfort when you see others go through the same struggles you will experience and be inspired by how they thrived. 

Organise your finances before you leave home.

Organise your finances before you leave home.

This is the bane of all foreigners. Currency exchange and different bills may have you spending more than you actually wanted. You will probably have to open a local bank account because using your card from home may have you buried in extra charges.

Make sure that you sort out your finances before you arrive in a new country. Find out the currency, as well as the usual prices for goods and services, to avoid being scammed.

Becoming an expat can be jarring, but we hope that these five tips helped ease your mind. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions!


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