Salesforce Training Courses Offered by Cloud Pacific in Hawaii

Salesforce Training Courses

Salesforce is arguably the best CRM solution in the market today, and it can open many job opportunities for you if you have the required skills to use it. Even if you are already running your business, you can incorporate this CRM solution into your system, and take advantage of its advanced functionalities to achieve more business goals.

This article will go on to explain each Salesforce training course offered by Cloud Pacific that can help you understand this CRM better.

Cloud Pacific Salesforce Training Courses

Cloud Pacific is a Salesforce consulting and training company that aims to help businesses and individuals to get the most out of Salesforce. The firm has a team of Salesforce experts who can teach you Salesforce through the following courses.

1. Salesforce Implementation Strategy

This is a basic 1-day course that aims to teach IT executives and directors who are planning to implement Salesforce in their company how to use it to achieve their goals. In it, you will learn about Salesforce, how it can help you expand your business and different Salesforce implementation strategies.

This short course has no prerequisites.

2. Apex for Salesforce Admin

Every Salesforce admin can expand their skills and knowledge by learning how to code. So, this course is designed for them to learn Salesforce specific languages like JavaScript and Apex and the basics of coding. You will learn to use developer resources and tools to build apps, batch classes, and code triggers.

It is a 3 to 4 days long course. Salesforce certified administrator and Salesforce certified app builder are its prerequisites in order for you to get the most out of this course.

3. Pardot Administrator Training

Pardot is a SaaS marketing automation solution that helps with common marketing tasks such as lead management, targeted email campaigns, and email automation.

Pardot Administrator Training is designed for marketing professionals who want to explore and make use of different possibilities that Pardot provides. You will learn how to integrate Pardot with Salesforce. By the end of the course, you will know the function of each Pardot feature.

Like the first course, it also has no prerequisites. Its duration can vary from 1 to 5 days.

4. Lightning Web Components (LWC)

This course is suitable for Salesforce developers who are interested in taking their programming skills to the next level. You will learn front-end programming skills by using Lightning Web Components (LWC).

It is a 4 to 5 days long course. Its prerequisites include Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Certified App Builder, and Salesforce Certified Platform Dev 1.

Types of Salesforce Courses

Salesforce courses can be divided into different types based on their method of teaching. Below are the two examples of common types of Salesforce courses.

  • Self-paced Salesforce courses: This form of Salesforce course is suitable for busy people who cannot make time to attend classes at a particular time. A self-paced course will let them complete the course at their own pace.
  • In-app guided Salesforce courses: If you learn better by practising, then an in-app guided Salesforce course is right for you. Salesforce also has an in-app feature that can guide you while you are using Salesforce.

Check out Cloud Pacific today, who offer Salesforce consulting in Hawaii.

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